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Like any young and confused boy, I've always been mesmerized by the world around me trying to find my place in it. As a kid, I'd wanted to be a doctor, a cop, or even an engineer, but education always ran away from me, or me from education; I never understood why. It just seemed, "not my thing". However, I was fascinated by gadgets that never left me, which led me to, "what I'd like to call", my passion; Photography, which further led me to this fun and interesting field called Video. And now I'm so fond of videos that I can shoot all day and keep shooting until my legs give out and I'd still want more.


Hi! I'm Joyal Olivera, a passionate Cinematographer and Photographer with the sole desire to make videos and have fun while doing it, I have gained professional experience while working with several brands and I have honed my craft of Videography (with mastery and finesse in food, product, fashion, real estate).

While having a fine eye for nuances and a knack for content creation, I put my heart into all I do, always put my best foot forward, and aim to learn something new every day. 

Video marketing is "THE" marketing of the modern age, for small and large businesses alike. With platforms like TIK-TOK, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube branding and advertising have been completely revamped to suit viewer needs in this modern age the need for videos has reached a new high, and for brands to be able to market their products through videos has increased exponentially. While photos obviously take a huge chunk of the market for brands to showcase their products & services, videos help brands stand "OUT" of the crowd and stick "IN- to" the hearts and minds of the viewer. My job is to make these videos, and I LOVE IT!

An add-on to my credentials is my hands-on experience using various camera gear, lighting, and sound recording equipment. 

Together we can materialize your ideas in the most remarkable way! Ready to have someone shoulder your worries and have your content MAKE THE NOISE? You've arrived at the RIGHT place!

Dive in to experience some creations through my lens!

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