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Pleasure in a Job puts perfection in its work - Aristotle.

As a Freelance Cinematographer/Videographer, I approach every project with creativity, passion, and enthusiasm.

With over 7 years of video production experience, I can visualize and execute concepts and create eye-catching videos. I provide a full video production service - from pre-production all the way through to delivery, for marketing companies and/or PR agencies, who may not have previously been able to offer video production; and thus help them add this service to their portfolio.

I film on a freelance basis with video production companies across Mumbai. I have a wide knowledge of the latest camera systems from DSLRs to large-sensor cinema cameras and micro 4/3 sensor cameras. Whether your project is a live-cam event, a commercial piece, or a documentary film, I can fit right in with your production.

Check out a few examples of my work below.

I provide freelance video editing and post-production services to video companies across Mumbai. If you have a project that needs something special to bring it all together, I can help you out, with some of the best video editors and VFX artists. as you can see below.

Disclaimer: The following videos shown are all shot by me while working with a social media agency as a full-time employee and as a freelancer
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